An Introduction to the treatment

As a patient reading this information you are in the process of a totally new experience in your health care. To understand what this powerful new treatment can do for you it is important to know something about the complex organism that is your body.


The constant bombardment in our daily lives of pressures, problems, sadness, illness, disappointment, etc; put our bodies under constant stress. As our bodies evolved, allowances were made for a certain degree of stress and strain. We refer to this as the body's "elastic limits". Meaning that the muscles, the nervous system, the organs and other membranes of the body are able to tolerate loads and stresses beyond their normal limits for short periods of time without breaking down or collapsing.


Our bodies are wonderfully made, but in modern society, stresses placed on them are more frequent and come from many more sources than ever before. As a result most of us push our bodies far beyond the elastic limits.


When pushed beyond these natural limits, stress becomes strain. A strain is entirely different in its effects on the body. Now there has been a change made in the body's tissues. This change is the result of an over-accumulation of fatigue poisons in the tissues. These fatigue poisons are acid in nature and are the waste products left when the body burns up glucose, which has been stored in muscle tissue. Glucose is the energy nutrient carried to the tissues by the blood.


Under normal conditions, a muscle burns glucose when in use . When the muscle is relaxed, the wastes (fatigue poisons) are then carried away in the blood stream. Fatigue poisons are converted to carbon dioxide and water. As the blood is filtered through the kidneys much of the fatigue poisons are cleaned out. The remaining toxins are expelled through the lungs.


When your body is pushed beyond its elastic limit, resulting in strain, normal functions are impeded. Strain is tense, or unrelaxed, muscle tissue. When a muscle is unable to fully relax after use, the blood is unable to pick up the fatigue poisons. These fatigue poisons are then stored in the tissues.


This accumulation of fatigue poisons becomes a vicious cycle. Muscles left in a condition of strain for a prolonged period of time will cause body distortion. As body distortion increases, exhaustion results. When the body becomes completely exhausted it will die. As strain sets in, and ultimately becomes distortion, many people think that all that is needed is prolonged periods of rest. Unfortunately this is not the entire answer. If it were, people who became so exhausted and ill that they were forced to stay in bed would all get well. Of course this is not the case. Many people lie in bed for years with one problem developing into another until death finally comes.


Usually when the body becomes strained and distorted the muscle tissues need help to relax and rest. Your therapist has learned an exciting new treatment, and for the first time can make unprecedented postural correction with absolutely no pain to the patient.


The Spinal Touch Treatment® deals with the basic problem of your health (namely stress and strain), by relaxing those muscles that have been pushed beyond their elastic limits. These muscles are unable to relax by themselves no matter how long you were to lie in bed and rest. So many fatigue toxins are stored in them that true rest is impossible.


The end result of the Spinal Touch Treatment® is to bring your spine into mechanical balance through
muscle relaxation. The Spinal Touch practitioner will lightly touch key areas of your back in such a way that they will redirect the inner energies of your body. This redirecting process causes your muscles to relax and gently pull your spine into its more natural position.


Remember, bones do not move muscles, muscles move bones. Because of this, a Spinal Touch Treatment® may bring more lasting relief then a manipulation of the bone.

If you suffer pain such as sprained muscles or headaches, bursitis and other pains in the back, shoulders and other areas of your body; then a Spinal Touch Treatment® should give almost instant relief. Sometimes the therapist will touch an area where you weren't even aware of pain, but it's there. Whether you are being treated specifically for pain, or the therapist finds areas of the back or abdomen that are painful, you will feel the discomfort begin to "melt away" during the course of a treatment. The pain may entirely disappear after the first treatment or it may take several treatments to make it finally go away. The amount of relief gained or the number of treatments it will take to ultimately correct the problem causing the discomfort, depends on a number of things:

(1) your age,
(2) what disorder you suffer from,
(3) how long your condition has existed and
(4) how quickly your body responds.


Everybody responds at a different rate and it is impossible to predict how soon you will feel permanent relief.

If your body has been storing these fatigue poisons for a prolonged period of time and it has affected organs or caused such strain that your body has become distorted, it will be impossible to relieve all the tension in one treatment. Even if it were possible, releasing so many toxins into the bloodstream all at once would make you very ill. Therefore, it will take a number of treatments in combination with lifestyle changes (as your Spinal Touch practitioner will recommend for your individual needs) before your body will regain its normal posture and good health.


1. While receiving this treatment, some patients experience a mild flow of warmth or electrical impulse; it may feel like a mechanical device is being used. This is normal. Even though the therapist is only using their fingertips, a change occurs in the inner energies of the body which cause some patients to experience these sensations.


2. When you first sit up after receiving a treatment you may feel woozy, or slightly dizzy. This is normal. Sit quietly for a few minutes and the feelings will pass.


3. A common after-occurrence from a Spinal Touch Treatment® is what we call a "reaction". Do not be
alarmed. Many patients feel muscle soreness within 24 to 48 hours after the treatment. Sometimes it is so intense that you may feel like you have the flu. Remember, this treatment is making your body expel toxic poisons. As the poisons are carried away in the bloodstream you experience a mild form of acidosis. Thus you may experience soreness, stiffness, numbness, occasional dizziness, aching joints or some other discomfort. The discomfort will pass. The same reaction may occur in some chronic conditions after each treatment; for several sessions. Although each time the reaction will be less severe. When such a reaction occurs, get plenty of rest. To relieve the soreness you may soak in a bath of warm (not hot) water for 30 minutes before retiring to bed.


Give your therapist a chance to enhance your health with the Spinal Touch Treatment®. Spinal Touch can
assist you in maintaining the best health possible - and in a completely natural way.


Do not let disease compromise the quality of your life. Spinal Touch Treatment® may be the answer
you've been looking for!