The Development

Dr. John Hurley developed the Body Mechanics technique in the early 1920's. There is not a lot of information available on Dr. Hurley's life, however, we will try to give you a sketch about the man and his work. We know that before becoming a doctor, John Hurley was a mechanical and structural engineer. It was while he pursued this career that he became very interested in balance and stress. He became aware of how critical balance and control of stress are in the construction of buildings. He learned that structures would better withstand the rigors of nature and the outside influences that might render then useless or short lived, if there was balance and control of stress. John Hurley then became intrigued with the idea that the same principles of balance and stress would apply to a living structure - the human body. He became convinced that the principles were the same, whether the object was animate or inanimate. From this he deduced that there was a correlation between stress and the lack of balance in the body and the high incidence of disease. If this premise were true; that the human structure could be balanced and the physical stresses reduced, then disease and illness could also be reduced and life would become more enjoyable.

Wanting to learn more about the human body, and in a quest to learn how to balance it; he applied to Palmer Chiropractic College in Iowa. He received his degree in 1918 or 1919. While in Chiropractic College, he met a fellow student, Helen Sanders, who he married. Together they developed a technique using engineering principles, laws of leverage, physiology, and acupuncture meridians.

They used this technique for several years on friends and patients, and, they discovered that is was powerful. This technique had the ability to help physical conditions that had not responded to any previous treatments. Dr. Hurley and Dr. Sanders began publication of their newspaper "The Plum Line". The first issue was published in the fall of 1929. (Copies of 2 of the issues published are in the possession of Dr. LaMar Rosquist.)

In 1932 Dr. Hurley and Dr. Sanders finally published their book "The Aquarian Age of Healing" which explained their technique. They also started teaching it to Chiropractors throughout the nation. These Chiropractors used the technique with great result and patient response.

Dr. Hurley and Dr. Sanders eventually divorced and Dr. Hurley moved to Denver, Colorado. There he established his teaching headquarters. He taught others to become instructors so that they could help him train more people in his technique. Some of these instructors left him and started their own training schools. In an effort to avoid lawsuits, these instructors changed the technique. There were several offshoots of his work, but none as affective as the original work.

Dr. Hurley died in the late 1950's.