As you read this information and try to decide if you should attend this seminar, there is a great possibility that you have never heard of this technique. You may wonder why you should even consider learning this technique. The answer is quite simple. If you read this entire article you will see that learning technique is an absolute must.


The name "Spinal Touch" or "Spinal Touch Treatment" is the most popular name for this technique which, has been used since 1975. This name was chosen in an attempt to be more descriptive of one of the oldest techniques in postural correction, Aquarian Age Healing or Bio Mechanics Technique. However, this technique is not chiropractic or osteopathic as one might think; and you do not have to be a doctor to be a practitioner of this work.


Originally, this technique was developed by Dr. John Hurley, a structural and mechanical engineer, prior to his becoming a Chiropractor. Once he became a Chiropractor he applied the laws of physics as well as structural engineering to the human body, and determined the normal/proper integrity of the human structure. He then applied the laws of engineering and physics to develop a system of detection and correction of postural distortion which he originally called Aquarian Age Healing, which brings misalignment of the physical structure back to normal. This was the original concept and the beginning of all the non-force techniques (of which there are still a few being used today). In the early 20's, Dr. Hurley was teaching this technique to doctors in the chiropractic field. Now it is also available to practitioners such as massage therapists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and others. Because this technique is based on muscle relaxation and placing the body into a state of rest, it falls into the scope of work for licensed/registered massage and physical therapists.


This treatment is a non-force technique used to make corrections in the integrity of the spinal column as well as the muscular structural system as a whole. Manipulation, as taught originally by Dr. D. D. Palmer (chiropractic), with the release of the vertebral segment, would be considered a force technique. A non-force technique is one in which no audible sound of the vertebral release is heard (in most cases), and where the pressure utilized to make such a move is very, very light and gentle. There is no high velocity thrust to force the movement of a joint. 


The non-force technique holds the muscle to be supreme in being able to influence a change in the spinal column. The Original Bio-Mechanics Technique works to bring the spine into mechanical balance through muscle relaxation. A gentle pressure rub-out motion brings into play the "All or None Law" in respect to muscle relaxation.


The application of this non-force technique is to determine postural imbalance as recognized at the plumb line, of distortions at the center of gravity of the body (the fifth lumbar inter-space) and the influence they have on the normal positioning of the sacrum. The seminar teaches practitioners how to recognize various abnormalities of posture utilizing plumb line interpretation, and the proper approach to work towards correcting these sacral distortions. Once these sacral distortions have been properly corrected, x-ray analysis or pictures can easily demonstrate before and after results of the treatment.


The sacral abnormalities that are demonstrated at the plumb line are pelvic rotation, lateral movement of the sacrum from side to side, increased lumbar lordosis or loss of lumbar lordosis. This technique works to correct all of these categories simultaneously and with a Non-Force approach. This is basically getting down to the cause of the beginning of the disease process, so we are correcting causes, and the symptoms are eliminated as an end result of treating the cause.


This technique is a highly specific treatment with five variable contact points on either gluteus, with muscle release points on both gluteals, the interspinous spaces, over the transverse processes, the trapezius, and the sternocliedomastoid muscle, the occiput and the mastoids, as well as the rectus abdominus muscles. All of these reflex areas are covered bi-laterally every treatment. The technique takes about 20 to 30 minutes to give after you have mastered the application with a little practice.


If you have used Non-Force techniques in the past and had good results, then as Al Jolson stated in his song from "Mame", "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet". This technique being very specific, and non-generalized, brings about changes in the patient that often surprise the doctor/therapist.


There is a place for this treatment in every therapeutic office. Try it, and you love it!

It Is Alchemy At Its Finest!

Do yourself and your clients one giant favor ... attend Brandon Hart's Spinal Touch class.  It will change your life and the lives of those who place themselves in your care. 


The class was exciting, inspiring and life changing...I could not wait to get back and begin using this wonderful technique in my practice.  Like many practitioners, my patient/client base is filled with people who are looking for pain relief and increased mobility.  Spinal Touch is an answer to their many requests for a second chance.   


Upon completion of the class, you will never look at a patient/client the same way you did before the class.  You will experience a life-changing technique that will empower you to bring people out of pain and back into the game of life. It will fuel the fire within you and remind you why you are in this business. 


The class should come with a warning:  "Be prepared for changes, big changes in your physical wellness, in your emotional well-being and in your mental outlook.  It will change your thinking and in so doing will also change your world."    Jeanne Stephens, LMT

Never Experienced Such A Modality!

In my past 15 years involved in the healing arts, I have never experienced such a modality as Spinal Touch. Brandon Hart has not only changed my system of evaluation but has given me the tools to integrate and expedite a healing system that affords the patient almost instant pain relief after just one session of Spinal Touch. Some of my patients rave about how they feel taller, digest better, sleep more comfortably, and have never experienced such relief from years of chronic pain. The list goes on, reduction of blood pressure medication to doctors taking them totally off medication for pain, along with weight loss and lymphatic system changes.


I can only say thank you Brandon for introducing Spinal Touch to my business.  Mary Ellen LMT, NMT, CST



June 22 & 23, 2019 (Irving, TX)

The Westin Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas
400 West Las Colinas Boulevard, Irving, Texas 75039 


Seminar Tuition


The cost of the two day seminar is $400.00. This includes your Training Manual, Treatment Brochures (on CD), 16 hours of NCBTMB continuing education and your BioMechanics certificate. For more information call (972) 207-2821 or email me at