Instructor: Brandon Hart, BS, LMT


Mr. Hart was first introduced to the Spinal Touch Treatment in 1998 during a general body working seminar and has been using it successfully every since. He was so impressed with what he had seen that he continued his training directly under Dr. Lamar Rosquist, DC, ND. 


In 2001 he received his Graduate Certificate from Dr. Lamar Rosquist as a Bio Mechanics Technician. In that same year he completed his instructor training and was granted his Graduate Certificate a as Bio Mechanics Workshop Instructor. Ever since receiving his certificate to teach he has been conducting training seminars to share this amazing technique with other healthcare practitioners. 


Mr. Hart has been a licensed therapist for 18 years with a focus on the treatment of chronic pain. He received his Bachelor of Science from Everglades University with a major in Alternative Medicine. He is currently a Licensed Massage Therapist in Texas and was the co-founder of The Florida School of Holistic Bodywork; a state approved and licensed massage school.