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BioMechanics, Spinal Touch Treatment

What is "The Original BioMechanics Technique™?"
The Original BioMechanics Technique (AKA Spinal Touch Treatment) is an amazing technique for correction of chronic and acute pain. It is a soft tissue, non-force system for the detection and correction of postural and visceral distortions that may be inducing the dis-ease process, and disorder function. The technique has been used by many professionals like chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists and even lay persons. It is easy to learn, and safe in its application for all ages of patients, clients or loved ones.


Why is Posture A Key To Good Health?
Probably the most neglected and least understood key to ones total health is the role in which posture plays in longevity, aging and better health. In the body, there are two primary curves and two secondary curves when looking from the side. The thoracic and pelvic curves are primary curves because they alone are present during fetal life. The cervical and lumbar curves are secondary curves, and are developed after birth.


At birth these curves are normal, but as we grow they start to lose their primary position. Many things can cause this to happen: falls, stress, slumping, poor mattresses, and accidents, lack of exercise, poor diet, malnutrition and gravity. If this lack of normal postural integrity continues, then compensating changes start taking place in the full spine, and the delicate systems of the body are changed. These changes will also effect the rest of the body, as the body works as a harmonious structure closely affecting every cell and organ system in the same way.

This is where The Original BioMechanics Technique comes in to play. It is capable of correcting these distortions and brings the body back into balance. Once balanced, the body is relieved of pain and dis-ease. 

Posture - The Unknown

Many people have postural distortions that are causing or contributing to their pain and discomfort and don't even know it. If we look at the body from the side, and see the following: 

1. The shoulders dropped forward and down. 

2. The upper middle back curve starts looking humped. 

3. The head drops forward and down. 

4. The back's primary lordotic curves increase


Then we see a person that has lost height and his rib cage and diaphragm have dropped. Because of this, his/her organs slip down, and now push out the lower abdomen. This will cause a potbelly and there may be problems with constipation, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, swelling of the exterminates, fluid retention, bladder & kidney problems, impotency, and hernias. Women could also have menstrual problems, resulting from these postural changes. The list of problems is endless: back pain, headaches, dizziness, sinus problems, poor memory, poor digestion, heart and lung problems and hypertension to name a few.